What is an EPC? When and Why do I need one?
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What is an EPC? When and Why do I need one?
The EPC report is primarily designed to give information regarding the average running cost of the heating, lighting and hot water of the property, calculate any possible savings to the fuel costs and show how these savings can be made. There are two sections to the report.
Firstly, the coloured chart showing the energy rating which correlates to the running costs of the property. This will enable you to compare running costs of your own and other properties. It also indicates if potential savings can be made. 
Secondly, a summary of the home's energy performance and recommendations showing how any improvements can be made.

You are required to commission the report prior to marketing the property and have 7 days for the report to be produced. 

The first page of the report must be displayed on all property details and the full report is kept on file and must be made available to view if requested by any interested party.
It is a legal requirement to have an EPC report produced when you are offering a propery "for Sale" or To Let". A fine of up to £200 may be issued by the local Trading Standards Officer if an EPC is not produced.
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